Allendale has offered the Specialized Foster Care Program since 1974.

This program provides treatment to children in the most natural setting possible—a home in the community.

The goals of specialized foster care are:

To enable children to develop skills they need to live
cooperatively with a family

To facilitate the permanence and stability that children require

To meet children’s social and emotional needs.

Allendale’s success stems from the combination of foster parenting with a full range of services and supportive therapy. Our clinically influenced, groundbreaking program incorporates rigorous and comprehensive training, risk assessment and decision making, and better information on what interventions work—all along the continuum of care. Children previously viewed as too difficult to handle in a family setting have found stability and progress with committed families.

Our current need for foster parents arises in part from our success moving foster children to permanent placement through adoption. Permanency is clearly our most desired outcome, but in most cases adoption temporarily removes a family from the Foster Parent Program, thereby creating a need for more foster parents.