Special Times Shared with Special People

Many of the children and adolescents at Allendale have little or no contact with their families. Mentoring, which matches a caring adult with a young person, can significantly improve a youth’s life—educationally, behaviorally, and emotionally.

Big PALs, our volunteer mentoring program, provides children with the opportunity to develop a real, trusting, positive, one-on-one relationship with an adult. Adult volunteers take time out of their lives to develop these relationships. They make a commitment to be consistent and dependable—to maintain a steady presence in the child’s life. They listen to what the child has to say, and they pay attention to what he or she thinks is important.

Most of all, a mentoring role means friendship and support. A Big PAL spends time with his or her child weekly.

They may:

Go to a movie

Have a picnic

Take a walk around campus

Do a little homework

Play basketball

Just talk.

A Big PAL may even have the child visit overnight for a weekend or a holiday.

Just by giving time, mentors can make a tremendous difference in a child’s emotional and social development. To children, a mentor means a trusted friend who cares about them—a role model who they can look up to, and who will help them believe in their dreams.

Learn what it takes to be a Big PAL.